Powerpoint Development as MPI (Multimedia Pembelajaran Interaktif) to Create Learning Motivation in Optical Instruments

Syaiful Anwar(1), Sukasmo Sukasmo(2),
(1) SMP Negeri 2 Brangsong, Indonesia (2) SMP Negeri 2 Kaliwungu, Indonesia


The purpose of this study innovation was to create learning motivation in learning subjects of Natural Sciences (IPA) Physics by developing software in making PowerPoint as MPI (multimedia interactive learning). Implementation of learning innovation consisted of several stages, including planning, implementation, observation, and back reflection. Which each stage was intended to optimized the development of a multimedia PowerPoint, good planning, or in the application of learning. The success of learning innovation was when Interactive multimedia learning was effective in creating learning motivation, which was visible from the motivation questionnaire data showed more than 70% of students scored better criterion of achievement motivation, observation sheet on both criteria, and 60% achieved learning outcomes above the KKM. Results of learning innovations showed the effectiveness of multimedia interactive learning in creating motivation to learn, which was visible from questionnaire data motivational cycle into one reached 83% in both criteria, and the cycle into two reached 92% in both criteria, the data backed up from the observation sheet that showed each stage of learning the criteria, and the learning outcome data that showed the results of more than 60% reached the KKM. The data showed the development of PowerPoint as a multimedia interactive learning effective in creating learning motivation.


Powerpoint, Multimedia Interactive Learning (MPI), Motivation to learn


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15294/jci.v2i2.19


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