The Influence of Cooperative Learning Model Type Teams Tournament Games to Students ' Emotional Intelligencea

Soeprayitno Soeprayitno(1), Purwati Yuni Rahayu(2),
(1) Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia (2) Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia


Improved student learning outcomes is the main objective in the process of learning. Many factors influence the improvement of student learning outcomes either intrinsically or extrinsic. One of the intrinsic factors that plays an important role, namely students ' ability in managing emotional (emotional intelligence). Increased emotional intelligence rated important because it is an "asset" that is long term. Many ways that can be done to improve emotional intelligence students, ranging from personal approach among teachers and students, guidance counseling, until by the time the learning process takes place. This research aims to know the influence of the application of the learning Teams model Games Tournament (TGT) against increased Emotional Intelligence (EI) students of Class XI IPS Senior High School in Sukoharjo Regency. Cooperative model type TGT was chosen because it has the stages corresponding to the existing indicators on EI. The method of data collection using the instrument the test results now and learn EI of students. This research uses the associative method with linear regression data analysis techniques is simple and Independent sample test (t-test). The results showed that cooperative learning model type TGT has an impact on EI on students.


Emotional Intelligence, Teams Games Tournament




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