Digital storytelling: a powerful tool to develop student’s emotional intelligence

Endang Sulistianingsih(1), Sanday Jamaludin(2), Sumartono Sumartono(3),

(1) Universitas Pancasakti Tegal, Indonesia
(2) Universitas Pancasakti Tegal, Indonesia
(3) Universitas Pancasakti Tegal, Indonesia


Storytelling is a story that is spoken by word of mouth in the hope that the child has the virtues of the story. But today, along with the rapid development of digital technology, today's children view stories as ancient. Selection of digital-based tale model is chosen to improve the development of children's emotional intelligence because through this model is expected to transmit knowledge and instill noble, virtuous values effectively and the children receive with pleasure. This study was aimed at describing the effectiveness of digital storytelling on students’ emotional intelligence. The participant of this research was 40 students of nine and ten-year-old children at four grades of elementary school. The collecting data techniques were observation and questionnaire. Hypothesis testing used was the t-test. The research instruments were tested by validity and reliability test. The study revealed that digital storytelling is a powerful instruction method to promote student’s emotional intelligence. The digital storytelling is exciting and full of moral lessons that lay the foundations for building moral character which is easy to understand for children.


learning model, digital storytelling, emotional intelligence, multimedia






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