Implementation of The Internal Quality Assurance System Integrated Early Childhood Education Laboratory of Belia IKIP Veteran Semarang

Dian Pramita(1), Luluk Elyana(2), Didik Ardi Santoso(3),



The quality of the learning process appears in the form of achieving national education standards. Standards that have been determined to guide all learning process activities, starting from planning, implementation and evaluation. Integrated PAUD laboratory of Belia is one of the formal education institutions that oversees the learning process by implementing an internal quality assurance system to ensure that the learning process is guaranteed and in accordance with national education standards. From this study it is known that the quality assurance of the learning process, Integrated Childhood Education Lab. Belia has a policy referring to the applicable regulations and internal policies made by the institution. Policies in the learning process include quality mapping, quality fulfilment planning, implementation of quality fulfilment, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of quality fulfilment and the establishment of new quality standards. The mechanism of the quality assurance system of the learning process carried out in the Integrated Early Childhood Education Laboratory is conducted through five stages, namely; quality mapping, preparation of quality fulfilment plans, quality fulfilment, quality evaluation / auditing, and preparation of new quality standards above the National Education Standards. There are several excellent programs that are implemented in the Integrated Early Childhood Education Laboratory, including implementing excellence-based learning on storytelling and the most important there are also English day programs, dinten boso jawi and parenting as well as forming referral classes.


quality assurance system, early childhood education, quality standards






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