Application of Inquiry Learning Model Using Android to Improve Media Literacy of Junior High School Students

Lulud Prijambodo Ario Nugroho(1),
(1) LPMP Jawa Tengah, Indonesia


This research is actually an evaluation of the implementation of the 2013 curriculum conducted in 2019. However, the results are still very relevant to the condition of the co-19 pandemic in early 2020. The evaluation was conducted to find out the application of inquiry learning models using Android. The population of this study were 200 junior high schools which had implemented the 2013 curriculum in 2018. The data were collected by using surveys. Data were processed using Excel and analyzed using simple descriptive statistical techniques. The result of the study is that Android is very suitable to be used as an alternative media in inquiry learning models. In the end it can be seen that the use of android in inquiry-based learning can improve students' media literacy skills. an increase in media literacy skills is due to students being required to be able to find learning resources independently. Of course the learning resources are in accordance with the topic being discussed by the teacher. This is indicated in the evaluation conducted in May related to the use of online learning resources and the percentage was very significant, above 85%.


Inquiry, Android Phone, Media Literacy

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